Who Walks In The Door - Episode 1

Ok, so I got bullied out of my own show this time. In the last episode I hung out with Mikel Anne from the Shop, Erin from Huss and Liz from Whining Pig to talk about the Women's Collaboration, Murder She Oats. But when we finished up they were having such a good time I just said “hey, keep it rolling!” So they did. And this episode is a result of that. I actually went back to the brewery talk with the boys from the shop while they did this so I didn’t even know what was going on but they created some magic with what we are going to call “Who Walks in the Door”. It happened so naturally that there was not much structure with it but it was awesome and I think the idea that spawned from it will result in some great future episodes. Moving forward the idea behind WWITD will be for the ladies to do some blind taste testing of Arizona beers with, well, who ever walks in the door. Really excited for this. These girls are awesome so enjoy episode 1 of WWITD.