Tombstone Brewing Company

Though somewhat of a NKOTB (new kid on the block for you non-90’s kids) Tombstone Brewing Company is raising quite a ruckus in the Arizona craft beer scene. From their bang-up Double IPA to the rumors amuck regarding their barrel-aging program owner matt Brown and brewer Weedy Weidenthal are fetchin' to change the game. In this episode I sit down with Matt and shoot the shit about Tombstone and beer.  

My journey to the "Town Too Tough To Die" began just like any Old West adventure begins: wrasslin' the young 'uns into the wagon with enough provisions to make the 2 hour journey to our midway oasis, The Old Pueblo (also known as Tucson).  We left the homestead right on time so I was grinnin' like a weasel in a hen house. But that only lasted a short time. 20 minutes into the journey the smooth air ride suspension of the wagon sailing over the bumpy highway caused my oldest young un' to fill a burlap sack (Whole Foods reusable grocery bag) with her breakfast. This led to detour #1 of the trip (throwing that shit away at the nearest Quick Trip ASAP ) soon to be followed by detour #2 (stopping at CVS for another "burlap sack" in case it happens again). Back on the road again. All was good again. Until the youngest of the young 'uns decided that a potty break was a non-negotiable 5 minutes from our desert oasis (my wife's grandparents house). Low and behold 2.5 hours later we reached our first destination. 

In Old Pueblo I transferred my gear from my wagon to the lifted-suspension wagon of my buddy Max, an ace-high chap, who would be my escort through hostile territory (we passed at least 3 Safeways) along with his gal Kelsey who would take over as our designated wagon master so that Max and I could get all roostered up. And off we went albeit a little behind schedule. But damn it, I was makin' it to Tombstone come hell of high water. 

The trip down was estimated to be 75 minutes and it truly did feel like a trip in the Old West including the group of 4 fellas we passed by who I'm pretty sure were smoking 6 cigarettes atween the 4 of em. The hills truly do have eyes.  

We finally pulled into town a quarter to high noon but owner Matt Brown was much obliged to sit down, bend an elbow and jaw about his place. The next day was their big grand opening and his day was surely filled with a heap of "how do you do's" and what not but he was steadfast on making the time to talk with me.  I was, and still am, truly grateful that he made the time to still record the show with me despite my delayed arrival. I got to wet my whistle with an array of brews including a few that weren't being served until the next day at the grand opening party. I definitely hit paydirt with the Double IPA and Black Lager but all were fantastic. The Scotch Ale that was aged in Islay barrels was granny-slappin' good in particular. 

A huge thanks to Matt for being such a great host and thanks to Weedy for making such amazing beer. Next trip down there I plan on being on a looser time schedule so I'll have all the time in the world to drink all of their beer. I mean it. ALL of their beer. 


Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by Arizona's own Fayuca

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