Scottsdale Beer Company

Since my first taste of Railhead Red at Beaver Street Brewery in Flagstaff I was hooked on Arizona craft beer. My wife? I'm still working on her. She has some of her local favorites like Huss Koffee Kolsch, Sonoran Brewing White Chocolate Ale, and Papago Orange Blossom but for the most part she's a work in progress. Don't get me wrong she is progressing at a rapid pace and I'm proud of her progress. But usually our ventures out involve something similar to this “let's go to Brewery X so you can have a couple beers and then we'll go to Restaurant X to get something to eat.” A very reasonable request and a win-win. But I always worried that the beer choice at this so-called "food" place would be, at best, questionable. 

Then we found Scottsdale Beer Company. I think the plan was "lets go have a couple beers there and then go eat at the new restaurant that was built in an old horse stable where you pick all your own vegetables from the stem yourself and then have it prepared using only sunlight and wind and then served on an copper hubcap". Hey, I love the new movement of farm-to-table restaurants that use nothing but the best local ingredients. But some go a little overboard. ANYWAYS.....on this day, everything changed. First of all, four words: giant bacon cheddar tots. If you can't tell from this episode I really love these little pieces of heaven. And Doug gave me a little pointer: order them "staff style" which basically means that are threes times as awesome. I don't really remember what was special about them "staff style because I was too busy devouring them. And wings cooked three times (actually four)? Brined, smoked, fried, grilled, and THEN sauced? Hell yeah! 

And guess what else they have......BEER! I should say AWESOME beer. Brad is a wizard behind that glass. When I first got there I told him to bring me a couple of his choosing to start off with. Be brought me a sour and a mint saison. Besides horseradish mint is my least favorite flavor and I am not a huge fan of sours (though they are growing on me). I thought "damn it. I should have told him what I wanted." But I'm glad I didn't! Both were fantastic and the mint saison was one of my favorites of all their beers. Go there. Try them all. They always have a huge selection. You won't be disappointed. 

My food suggestion: Guess.....GIANT BACON CHEDDAR TOTS STAFF-STYLE!!!

My beer suggestion: Mint Condition Saison 

Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by a badass local Arizona band called Fayuca

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