Pedal Haus Brewery


My first visit to Pedal Haus Brewery was to see my local favorite band Fayuca (I might have mention them once or twice on this show). Apparently there was this new great brewery right off of Mill Avenue in Tempe and they had a pretty sweet outside set up. Great music, local brewery; that a win-win to me. And I was super impressed not only by Fayucas awesome performance but also by the brewery itself. A couple of months later we went to go check it out again and it was closed. What?!!? This place was great and in a great location. There was NO way this was possible. Come to find out they actually closed after being open for about 10 months to renovate the place. And man, it is even MORE awesome now. And the beer? Lets just say they have one of the best brewers in the state and this dude knows what he is doing. In this episode I sit down with that dude, Doc Osborne, and get educated on beer. Great conversation, really cool knowledgeable guy. Enjoy the show! 

Video production and biggest shoutout goes to Aaron Markus from 8 AM Films for just being awesome and creating amazing work.

Thanks to Dave McDonald from Studio M Photography for his assistance in the video work and for the awesome cinemagraph at the top of this page

Thanks to Chris Dodson for his awesome production/editing work to help put the audio side of the episodes together.

Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by the awesome local Arizona band Fayuca

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