Mother Road Brewing Co.

Mother Road Brewing Co.  has long been my favorite brewery in all the land so it’s only fitting to feature them in the very first episode. Mother Road Brewing Co. is located on the original Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Located in an old laundry building the brewery embodies the hardworking  mentality of those traveling across the old Route 66 in search of the American Dream.  

When I arrived for the interview I was greeted by owner Michael Marquess and tap room host Cedar.  I began with a pint of their 5th Anniversary Ale, an amazing strong Double IPA. Michael then took me on a tour of their brewing facility. I absolutely love local craft beer but know nothing about how it’s made. But now I do. Kind of. Not really. But it was cool to see how it all goes down. Lots of science and whatnot.

Something I really love about Mother Road Brewing Co. is the local feeling. Being a little off the beaten path it’s not a place that people just happen to stumble upon. People come here with a purpose. Over the years that I have been going there I have always noticed a good blend of newcomers wanting to check out this highly rated brewery as well as a steady flow of locals but on this visit the local presence was more obvious to me. I got there right when they opened up and so did many of their loyal customers. Donning Mother Road Brewery Co. hats, t-shirts, and hoodies I thought that some of them were actually employees. Nope, just the local people who love the brewery and its beer who were there to get their Saturday growlers filled up before the place got jumping. That says a lot about the place.

The next time you are in Flagstaff be sure to take a detour onto old Route 66 and check out what Mother Road Brewing Co. has to offer. Whether it’s the fantastic beer or the great staff you are sure to be pleased. In the meantime enjoy the show!

Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by Arizona's own Fayuca

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