Irene's Tap Room

In this episode, I sit down with Bonnie Jackson, co-owner of Irene's Tap Room on 12th Street and Northern in Phoenix along with one of her top team members Paul Rosevear. Opening a new business is never easy and Bonnie and her partner Aaron Taylor were no exception to this. One thing after another fell onto the path of opening this place but they never gave up and 2 months ago Irene's Tap Room opened its door. And what an awesome place this is. With their strongly held belief in supporting independent, their tap room only carries independent craft beer and wine with a strong focus on Arizona craft. And what an awesome selection it is, both on tap and on the retail side of things. Stay tuned after the interview to see how you can win 5 drink tokens for Irene's Tap Room. Enjoy the show!

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Extra special thanks to Chris Dodson for his awesome production/editing work to help put the audio side of the episodes together

Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by the awesome local Arizona band Fayuca

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