Helton Brewing Company

In this episode I get to hang out with Brian Helton. His focus is not to make some crazy concoction or off-the-wall thing but rather to make solid bad ass beer. And be able to consistently make it awesome. Time and time again. Well, so far so good Brian.

As of this writing Helton Brewing Company has been opened for just around 1 year and from what they are doing over there they are going to open for a long time. A beautiful brewery and tasting room along with a brand new beer garden make this place on 22nd Street and Indian School a must visit. Oh yeah, they make some kick ass waffles and shit too. Bacon cheddar waffles which are totally my style.

This Saturday May 20th, 2017 Helton is celebrating their 1 year anniversary with a grand old shindig. They are tapping a new Double IPA, will have live music, great food, and lots of other exciting shit. And of course I'll be there so now you HAVE to come. See you there! Or if you are reading this and listening to the episode at a later date, well you sure did miss one hell of a party. You totally missed out and should regret it forever. 

Big thanks to Alexxis Grant for taking all the pictures for this episode. You can follow her photography Instagram page at @timelesspresent

Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by Arizona's own Fayuca

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