Helton Beer School 4.0

Anyone who has ever met Brian Helton can tell you that he is a huge advocate for education in the craft beer world. He has done many types of classes including food/beer pairings as well as sensory classes to help people know more about the art of tasting beer. With this said it totally makes sense that his brewery puts on a Beer School. Where was this the day I dropped out of college!?!?! I would have a Doctoral degree by now! Beer School is basically a handful of breweries getting together to put on mini courses to help educate people in different areas of craft beer.  Plus you get some sweet swag, get to taste awesome beers and meet some of the best people in the world. In case you haven't heard, craft beer people are the most awesome people in the world.

We were lucky enough to be invited to cover this event and there was no way we were going to turn that down. It was great talking with everyone. The guest list ranged from people within the Arizona craft beer industry to home brewers looking to improve their craft to straight up beer enthusiasts. 

All but the first four pictures are compliments of Virginia from Virgin Adventures

Big thanks to the participating breweries:

·         Helton Brewing

·         Beer Research Institute

·         Hangar 24

·         12 West

Video production and biggest shoutout goes to Aaron Markus from 8 AM Films for just being awesome and creating amazing work.

Special shout out to Marc Semler for being the man to put all this together and pretty much playing cat rustler during the whole event. Nice work buddy.

Another shout out to Chris Dodson for his awesome production/editing work to help put the audio side of the episodes together.

Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by the awesome local Arizona band Fayuca

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