Helio Basin Brewing Company


Helio Basin Brewing Company has go it going on! Coming up on August 12 they celebrate their 1 Year Anniversary. Make sure you get there because they are having a PAR-TAY!!!  They'll have a pig roast, a special anniversary beer and a re-release of many of their most popular seasonals. Click on this link to check out more details. 

A key corner of the "Bermuda Phoenix" triangle (along with Wren House and Helton) these guys are quickly making a name for themselves in both the AZ craft beer scene as well as the AZ culinary scene. They were recently ranked as one of the top new breweries in the country by both Beer Advocate and Travel + Leisure. Head into their place and you'll see why.

Owners Dustin and Mike started their brewing careers as college buddies and even had their college fund their brew sessions! In college I was drinking Red Dog and these guys were brewing up their own craft beer. What the hell was I doing?!?!

I love beer. LOVE it. But I may actually love food even more. Probably because I consume food more than I consume beer. Which is a good thing. I think. Is it? Anyways, the food at Helio Basin is UNREAL thanks to chef Tamara Stanger. She has a true commitment to using as many local ingredients as she can and isn't afraid to do a little foraging to get the ingredients she needs to make some of the amazing things that she makes.

I have such faith in everything she does that when I went there to interview them I told her to make me whatever she wanted. There is only one food that I don't like (horseradish) but I told her that I would even eat that if she made something that had that in it. Luckily it didn't. I mean I trust her but horseradish is the Genghis Khan of food: it destroys and pillages everything around it. But she made me ceviche. I'd never had that before but I would vote it the best in the world. Where can I submit my ballot?

Get down to their place on the southwest corner of Indian school and 40th street. Drink all of their amazing beer and have Tamara make you something. Anything. Trust me.

My beer of choice: Hoppy Amber

My eats of choice: Anything. And everything.

Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by a badass local Arizona band called Fayuca

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