Ground Control

In this episode, I made my way over to Litchfield Park to hang out with Ian and Tara from Ground Control, an Arizona craft food and drink bar. This place has it all: great food, artisan coffee, an amazing craft beer selection both on the retail side and on tap as well as wine, cocktails and Arizona Meade. Can you really beat a place that has amazing craft beer on tap AND makes their own gelato? Yeah, I don’t think so. Stay tuned after the show to see how you can win a $25 gift card for Ground Control. Don't forget about their Red, White, and Brew Festival coming up November 17th. Find tickets here. You'll hear more about that in the episode. Enjoy!

Ground Control Website

Ground Control Instagram

Ground Control Facebook

Shout out to the show sponsor, Goodfellas Merch out of Glendale

Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by the awesome local Arizona band Fayuca

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