Dark Sky Brewing Company

You travel up the hill from Phoenix about two hours north and you'll find Nick and Ryan from Dark Sky Brewing Company doing....well, pretty much whatever the hell they want. For three years now these two have said "suck it" to what is expected out of a new brewery and forged their own path. And we thank them for that. In this episode I sit down with these dudes in one of my favorite interviews so far. Enjoy the show!

The Offical Tap That AZ beer suggestion: Blood of My Enemys

Listen in on the Dark Sky Brewing Company's podcast here

More info on the AZ Food & Wine "Pour" event at Torch Cigar Bar

Follow the AZ Food & Beer Facebook page...full website coming in October! 

Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by a badass local Arizona band Fayuca

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